06/30 2010

Delaware Company Utilizes World Trade Center Network to Expand Connections in Turkey


IDTA Principal, Carla Stone speaks to the assembly.

June 30, 2010 – Carla Stone of International Development & Technical Assistance LLC, a longtime member of World Trade Center Delaware (WTC Delaware), took advantage last week of her ties to more than 300 World Trade Centers around the world during her travels in Turkey. Ms. Stone was invited to Cankiri, Turkey (about 140 km/87 miles northwest of Ankara) to work with Karatekin University faculty and researchers to adapt adult technical training (such as that used for water and waste water operators and other technical and engineering applications). They also shared information, including extensive pictures about U.S. science and engineering labs in higher education.

After Cankiri Ms. Stone traveled to Ankara where, on June 28, representatives from World Trade Center Ankara arranged meetings with government authorities on her behalf, including the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, the General Directorate of Water and Sewer System of Eskisehir Municipality, and the General Directorate of Bank of Provinces. Here the groups were able to discuss the different approaches to administration and management of water and waste-water systems by the United States and Turkey. Furthermore, the meeting provided an excellent setting for the associations and local professionals to explore new opportunities for cooperation on natural resources, property rights, waste water facilities and facility personnel training.

World Trade Center Ankara, a licensed representative of the World Trade Centers Association since 1992, provides services in international standards with the aim of enabling entrepreneurs and member firms to penetrate internal and external markets easily and enabling them to work more efficiently with greater global resources.


IDTA affiliate Anthony Digenakis speaks to the assembly.

Members of WTC Delaware are part of an extensive network of the over 300 World Trade Centers in 95 countries that make up the WTCA. WTCA regional representatives throughout the world can be key resources for Delaware companies as they pursue overseas business and expansion.

“I am grateful for the assistance of both WTC Ankara and WTC Delaware,” said Stone. “Your cooperation shows the value of the WTC Association network.”

More information on WTC Delaware can be found on the web at http://www.wtcde.com, or by calling the office at 302-656-7905.
The World Trade Center Delaware is a nonprofit organization that assists small and medium-sized companies in expanding their markets overseas, while at the same time raising awareness of international issues and their importance in regards to international growth. As part of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) network, members are linked with 284 member organizations in more than 75 countries.

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