Meet the Team


Carla Stone, B.S. ENG, M.S. ENG works at the intersection of technology and health with governments, academia, industry and NGOs. She is an engineer with extensive experience in emerging nations and has developed customized training and certification programs for governments and industries, and advised on regulatory and institutional reform.



Randy Roberson supplies extensive and well-recognized international telemedicine experience. He has developed solutions for sustained operations in austere environments and provided consulting services to government, military, NGOs and private business.


DonKosiakDonald Kosiak, M.D., MBA, FACEP has served as the chief medical officer for several high impact telemedicine projects around the world. He has over 20 years of experience in prehospital medical direction; disaster management and training, public policy, EHR adaptation, telemedicine, military medicine and medicine in austere locations.


PaulLabowTitlePaul Labow provides extensive domain experience in logistics and the requirements to manage complex environments. His “keep it simple” approach results in streamlined, efficient solutions that benefit the end-user and enhance profitability and management understanding.


SeanKathleenCurranTitleSean Kathleen Curran is a Project Management consultant who has over ten years of experience in international development projects and disaster relief. Her business background includes extensive experience with import/export consulting as well as structural engineering and cultural anthropology.